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I am based in Florence, Italy. 
In 2018, I attended the Photojournalism course with the Terraproject Collective at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni (FSM) in Florence, and created my first project and solo exhibition "Quo Vadis". 
At the 2019 Cortona On The Move Festival, I followed a four days Master Class with Simon Norfolk and more recently, in 2021, the Portrait course led by Paolo Cagnacci at the FSM.
During the dark times of the pandemic, I found my light by giving voice to memories of places, feelings and sensations I used to have by the time spent with my grandfather. I realized the "One day there will be lemons again" project.
As a general feeling, my photography is focused on the influences between humans and their environment, inspired by memory and current events. I like to look at social matters which have an impact on human mindsets. 


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